3 accusations of violence in 3 months: Man who fatally shot neighbor is back in jail

He’s accused of killing his neighbor, shooting his girlfriend and threatening to kill the mother of his child.

If the law would allow him, Judge Chris Wolfe said, he would hold Mark Jabben in jail without bond.

But, because Texas law won’t allow it, Wolfe said he had to impose a bond.

Wolfe chose $50,000.

Jabben, 46, was in court for a short time on Friday afternoon after his attorney, Rob Hayden, filed a motion asking for bond.

Accusations against Jabben for violent crimes began stacking up on the afternoon of March 25, when he fatally shot his neighbor, Kevin Battle, 57. Jabben told police the shooting was in self-defense, so he was released on that claim and corroborating evidence, Fort Worth police said.

A grand jury will decide if Jabben should face charges in the shooting.

Then, on May 10, Jabben was accused of shooting his 56-year-old girlfriend in the shoulder. He was immediately arrested and booked into the Tarrant County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault against a family member with a weapon.

The woman told police that Jabben pointed a gun to her back. She later told a paramedic that Jabben hit her with the gun twice in the head before she was shot, according to an affidavit for his arrest.

Prosecutor Dale Smith said that Jabben wasn’t honest with police after the shooting.

Jabben was released from jail on a $4,000 bond. Ten days later, the mother of Jabben’s child told police that he went to her Carrollton home and threatened to shoot and kill her, Smith said.

His bond was revoked and Jabben was placed back in jail without bond.

No one testified during the hearing on Friday, but Judge Wolfe said he reviewed court documents detailing the allegations against Jabben in both shootings, a statement from the paramedic who helped Jabben’s girlfriend, and a statement from the Carrollton Police Department regarding the May 20 incident.

Charges weren’t brought against Jabben in the Carrollton incident. Smith said the victims in the case felt that, while Jabben would have been capable of hurting them, “nothing would happen that day.”

If Jabben posts bail, he will be confined to his home and monitored. He’s been ordered to have no contact with any of the three victims or their families.

Kevin Battle’s fiancee, Talydia Adams, said she was disappointed that the bond is only $50,000.

“He’s bonding out and I feel like he’s a danger to society,” she said. “I just want him in jail, not out where he can do this to someone else ... I don’t feel safe.”

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