Man stole $374,000 from USPS customers in one Fort Worth ZIP code, feds say

A Fort Worth man is accused of making $374,000 worth of purchases using stolen credit cards that he purchased from a USPS carrier, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

In December, investigators with the United States Postal Service were contacted by representatives of Chase Bank regarding numerous fraudulent applications for new credit cards. The majority of the applications were within the 76133 zip code, which covers an area of south Fort Worth between the Chisholm Trail Parkway and Edgecliff Village, according to the complaint.

The postal service identified the carrier for that area, who told investigators that a man named “Figaro” — later identified as Loragecar Figaro — asked him to intercept credit cards from the mail in exchange for payment, according to the complaint.

Investigators used the carrier to set a fake meeting with Figaro. On Feb. 21, the carrier told Figaro that he had three credit cards to give him. They agreed to meet in south Arlington.

Once at the address, Figaro gave the carrier $200 for the credit cards. Figaro was then arrested along with a man he was with.

Figaro was indicted on Wednesday on a charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

The USPS carrier was not named in the court documents.

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