Mother/son tried to sell dozens of girls for $2,000 each to undercover cop, feds say

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A mother/son-run “prostitution operation” was broken up in Dallas and the duo is now facing charges in federal court, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 30.

The 9-page complaint, which was unsealed this week, details an undercover operation by the Dallas Police Department to purchase more than a dozen girls for commercial sex from Daniel Mendoza Jr. and his mother, Helen Kim.

According to the complaint, an undercover informant met with Mendoza on Sept. 14 at Drafthouse, 1850 Market Place Blvd. in Irving, to discuss purchasing about 18 to 20 girls for a night.

The document doesn’t give approximate ages for the girls and only refers to them as “girls.”

During that first meeting, the informant and Mendoza talked about possible price ranges and the number of girls that the informant wanted to order, the document says. They met again on Sept. 20 to finalize plans: The informant would get 20 girls for about four hours for multiple men. The sex would be “girlfriend experience.” The document says “the girlfriend experience in the commercial sex realm refers to sex without a condom, and that kissing is allowed during the commercial sex encounter.”

The price, Mendoza told him, would be around $2,000 for each girl for a total of $40,000. He told the informant that the price would include the girls “doing it more than once” and that his mother, Kim, would inspect the hotel first to make sure it was safe for the girls. They also discussed the informant getting pictures of the girls, or meeting some of them in person at massage parlors or spas prior to the night.

Kim also required that half of the money be given to her in advance, the document says.

At the end of a meeting between Mendoza and the informant on Oct. 2, Mendoza warned that, “the way this is set up, it could be considered human trafficking,” the document says.

Between that meeting and Oct. 5, the men negotiated Kim’s upfront payment down to $5,000, the document says.

On Oct. 16, Kim, the informant and an undercover detective met at the Korea House Sushi Bar, 2598 Royal Lane in Dallas, so Kim could introduce the men to three of the girls and get the first payment. They also finalized plans for the men to have the girls on Nov. 1 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., the document says.

On Oct. 24, the document says that Kim confirmed with the men that she scheduled 25 girls to be ready Nov. 1 in case some of them got sick or backed out.

Both Mendoza and Kim were arrested last week and are charged with using a facility for interstate commerce to promote a business enterprise for prostitution.

During their first court appearances on Nov. 2, Mendoza was given a court-appointed attorney. Kim said she would hire her own.

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