Cowboys’ mascot showdown: Rowdy vs. ‘Crazy Chris’ Christie

Dallas Cowboys’ mascot Rowdy fires up the crowd before a recent game at A&T Stadium.
Dallas Cowboys’ mascot Rowdy fires up the crowd before a recent game at A&T Stadium. Star-Telegram archives

Rowdy has been the official mascot of the Dallas Cowboys since 1996, but he now faces serious competition from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has become the team’s most famous fan.

Christie — we’re going to call him Crazy Chris in honor of the late Crazy Ray — has been to four recent Cowboys games, including last Sunday’s NFC Wild Card victory over Detroit, prompting owner Jerry Jones to say “he’s part of our mojo.”

Crazy Chris has faced social media backlash for his fandom and more recently scrutiny for accepting free travel and tickets from Jerry, but the political fallout does not appear to have dampened the governor’s enthusiasm — he plans on being at Sunday’s game in Green Bay.

Rowdy will not make the trip; he doesn’t do road games.

Even so, the Cowboys boosters have a lot in common:

Squeeze me

Rowdy regularly gets touchy-feely with fans, and occasionally with Cowboys cheerleaders.

After the Cowboys’ win over Detroit, Crazy Chris’ man hug with Jones was awkward at best.

The jowl factor

Rowdy’s trademark cheeks are firm and flush with color.

Crazy Chris’ cheeks are sagging a little - should he consult Jerry’s plastic surgeon?

Weight (and height) watchers

Rowdy stands about 6-foot-4 (hat included), according to his handlers.

Crazy Chris has lost some weight, but he’s still got to be between 230 and 250 pounds.

Musical musings

Rowdy has a country look, so we’re guessing he’s a straight-up George Strait fan.

Crazy Chris is as obsessed with Bon Jovi as he is with the Cowboys.

Looks like

Rowdy: Rice Krispies character who goes by “Pop.”

Crazy Chris: Steve Schiripa, who played mobster Bobby Baccalieri in The Sopranos.

They’re everywhere

Rowdy makes about 320 appearances a year, including at schools, benefit races and youth camps.

Crazy Chris is a pure politician — he lives in the public eye and has his eye on a 2016 presidential run.

Target of criticism

In the 2009 season, Rowdy was briefly removed from the sidelines and the creators of removerowdy.com rejoiced.

Crazy Chris has been under siege from Philadelphia Eagles fans ever since he was seen in Jones’ box at the Cowboys-Eagles game in December.

Staff writer Bill Hanna contributed to this report.

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