Mom and family are having a difficult 2015

Christina and her family have had a hard year.

Her husband died, leaving her with two children to support on her own. She began working. And then their house was broken into.

Then another disaster struck: She had three strokes. Now she can’t work because the strokes affected her memory, and she still has physical obstacles to overcome. Because she was not working, she lost her house and a car, and she and the children were sleeping in her truck.

“We lost everything,” she said.

She is now staying with friends, so at least they have a roof over their heads. But prospects for the holidays are hardly bright.

“They’ve been through so much,” she said. “I just wanted to do something to help my kids.”

Since it began at the Star-Telegram in 1912, the Goodfellow Fund hasn’t skipped a year in providing something for children like Christina’s.

In its first year, the fund raised about $1,200 to give food and gifts to needy children. This year the fund aims to raise about $875,000 to give $50 J.C. Penney gift cards to provide clothes and shoes to more than 18,000 schoolchildren.

Christina received two gift cards for her children after she interviewed with Catholic Charities volunteers this month. Interviews with other applicants are expected to continue for about two weeks.

And from now until Christmas, the Star-Telegram will be asking its readers to help contribute to the fund to provide for children who have had very hard years.

Goodfellows gifts

Help the children in our community by sending a donation to Goodfellows, P.O. Box 1870, Fort Worth, TX 76101. Or go online to goodfellowfund.com and make a credit card donation. We’ll publish your name in the newspaper in coming weeks unless you ask us not to.