Smoke inside Grapevine’s Great Wolf Lodge leads to evacuations

A breaker box malfunctioned overnight inside of Grapevine’s Great Wolf Lodge, causing smoke to fill an electrical room and some of the hotel guests to evacuate the building.

There were no reported injuries, according to Grapevine Fire Chief Darrell Brown.

The fire department was dispatched to the resort and indoor water park around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, he said. Some of the guests, having heard smoke alarms that went off throughout the hotel, left the building on their own before the fire department arrived, he said.

Responding firefighters, he said, found smoke in an electrical room on the first floor that was partially extending to a hallway. They also checked every floor throughout the hotel to make sure there was no additional smoke, he said.

They found no signs of smoke outside of the electrical room area, and there was no formal evacuation, Brown said. Some people never left their rooms.

The smoke was quickly under control, Brown said, and those who left the building were allowed back inside within 20 minutes.

“It turned out, thank goodness, to not be a big deal,” he said. “I don’t think any of the guests were bothered too much other than getting their sleep pattern disrupted.”

The cause of the smoke was a malfunctioning breaker box inside the electrical room that had become very hot, Brown said. There were no actual flames, he said.

Brown said “to my knowledge” the hotel sustained no smoke damage, and “if any it was limited to the electrical room.”

Firefighters handed the situation back over to Great Wolf Lodge maintenance staff when they cleared the scene early Tuesday morning.

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