Aggressive coyote stalking people in North Texas park captured, police say

Frisco police captured a coyote Tuesday that may be responsible for attacking several people over the past month in the area.

According to police, a coyote possibly linked to the earlier attacks was removed from the area and sent for testing.

“While it cannot be said definitively that this is the animal responsible, it is believed to likely be related,” the press release said.

On Monday at about 6 a.m., two women jogging in near Eldorado Parkway and Preston Road were attacked by an aggressive coyote. The women had minor injuries and were taken “by a good Samaritan” to a local hospital for treatment, police said.

In November, three other coyote-related incidents were reported in the same area.

On Nov. 18, Frisco police said a jogger was running on the sidewalk of Eldorado Parkway when an aggressive coyote attacked. The jogger had significant injuries to the neck and was taken to a local hospital.

On Nov. 11, an officer thwarted a coyote attack in the same location. Video footage shows the officer sitting at the intersection of Eldorado Parkway and Preston Road when a coyote runs across the road. The animal appears to be stalking a runner on the sidewalk.

The officer put on his lights and pulled onto the sidewalk behind the jogger to scare off the coyote, police said.

On Nov. 1, a 9-year-old child was attacked by a coyote nearby on Bancroft Lane. The child had a minor injury and was taken to the doctor, police said.

On Oct. 26, a coyote tried to jump on a runner near Eldorado Parkway, but a passerby scared it away.

While the coyote may have been caught, police still urged residents to remain vigilant and be careful in the area.

Coyote sightings in the area can be reported to the police department’s non-emergency line at 972-292-6010. Citizens who witness an attack, or a coyote exhibiting aggressive behavior, can call 9-1-1.

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