Burned cat survives; authorities search for suspect in Arlington

Authorities continued their search Tuesday for a suspect who used a lighter or blowtorch to burn the head of a cat and left her at an apartment complex.

Officials, who have named the domestic shorthair Blossom, said the cat survived but still will need extensive medical care.

A woman found the burned cat roaming around an apartment complex near AT&T Stadium and Six Flags Over Texas on Sept. 25 and called officials.

“In my opinion, Blossum’s wounds were made at the hands of a sadistic human being,” said Dr. Cynthia Jones, a veterinarian with the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth. “Typically, when burns are the result of an accident, we see charred tissue on several areas of the body. However, Blossom’s injuries were isolated to her face and ears, which is more consistent with torture.”

Blossom suffered third-degree burns on her face and ears.

“Despite the heinous cruelty she has suffered, Blossom has a very good prognosis,” Jones said in a Tuesday news release. “There is a long road ahead for her.”

Officials said they don’t believe Blossom had an owner.

“We believe she is a neighborhood cat,” Whitney Hanson, a spokeswoman with HSNT, said Tuesday. “She probably had been living outdoors.”

Humane Society investigators have not found any leads in the case.

“We are urging anyone with any possible knowledge of this incident or the perpetrator to contact HSNT so that we can bring them to justice,” Ann Barnes, HSNT’s executive director, said Tuesday.

Anyone with information should contact HSNT investigators at 817-332-4768 ext. 113 or by email at

Domingo Ramirez Jr.: 817-390-7763, @mingoramirezjr