Arlington airport is getting a new fence to keep wildlife away and upgrade security

The Arlington Municipal Airport is getting some help from the Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) for its perimeter fencing project.

The TTC has awarded the airport approximately $1 million in funding. That’s about 80% of the estimated $1.25 million cost of the project that will include new fencing and gates along Southwest Green Oaks and South Collins Street to upgrade security.

Wildlife-resistant fence will be constructed east and south of existing creeks, allowing wildlife to roam freely while keeping animals away from the runway and other aircraft areas. The airport has natural areas with creeks on two sides.

“Our fence, which is 20-plus years old, doesn’t provide much help in keeping the wildlife away from the aircraft. New fencing will let the critters have the creeks and be kept off the busy runway and taxiways,” Airport Manager Karen VanWinkle said. “And of course, the airport will be much more secure.”

The Arlington Municipal Airport receives about 80,000 aircraft landings and takeoffs each year, serving corporate, cargo, flight training, and small, recreational aircraft.

The Texas Department of Transportation expects to provide about $60 million in funding for planning, construction and maintenance of community airports across the state this year through its Aviation Facilities Grant Program. Arlington is one of about 275 airports in Texas that are eligible for this funding.

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