Arlington police fire officer charged in traffic stop shooting death

An Arlington police officer who fatally shot a man who tried to drive away from a traffic stop last year has lost his job.

Officer Bau Tran, who has been indicted on a criminally negligent homicide charge in connection with the death, was fired by the department following an internal probe. Tran’s firing was connected to his actions “preceding his use of deadly force,” Arlington police said Friday.

The department found Tran had violated city and department administrative policies, a spokesman said.

Tran, 36, shot and killed O’Shae Terry, 24, after another officer stopped Terry on Sept. 1.

About 10 minutes into the stop, Terry began to roll up his sport utility vehicle’s windows. Tran grabbed the top of the passenger side window with his left hand, ordered Terry to stop, stepped onto the foot rail, put his right arm inside the vehicle and then brought it back out to reach for his gun, a video released by police shows.

Tran fired into the vehicle at least four times.

Since his indictment, Tran had been on leave. He may appeal his firing.

Randy Moore, Tran’s attorney, has said he believes the officer acted within the law.

“He was shot because the officer felt his life was in danger during the commission of the felony,” Moore said.

Terry was stopped because the temporary tag on the SUV he was driving showed it was expired.

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