Did you give this woman money for a car or repairs? You might want to call police

An Arlington woman who posed as a car dealer and struck up friendly relationships with residents is accused of bilking victims out of more than $10,000, Arlington police said Wednesday.

As of Wednesday, an Arlington detective confirmed the 60-year-old woman targeted three victims and additional cases are under investigation in what police called a “big and fraudulent scam.”

Arlington police also asked for help Wednesday to identify any other people who may have given the woman money for a new car or to make repairs on their own vehicle.

The suspect has been identified as Debra Elise Turner of Arlington, who was arrested last week.

Turner, who has been to prison three times on theft charges, was in the Tarrant County Jail on Wednesday in lieu of $15,000 bail.

“The first victim drove from his home in Mississippi,” said Arlington Detective Mike Wilson in a Wednesday email.

Arlington police believe Turner made “cold calls” to residents, offering to repair cars she saw damaged or presented herself as a car dealer.

Turner is accused of creating fake invoices and used images of dealerships in Arlington.

She is accused of bilking $8,000 from the Mississippi customer who spent money on a car; stealing $4,000 from a stroke victim for a car; and $1,120 for truck upgrades from another customer. She also took $83 to book a cabin, Arlington police said.

Wilson said the residents are from Arlington and nearby cities.

Turner’s criminal history in Tarrant County began in 1988, according to Tarrant County criminal court records.

She was sentenced to five years in prison in 1993 for theft, three years for theft in 2003 and six years for theft in 2012, according to records.

In September 2017, Turner got seven months in jail for theft of property $2,500 to $30,000.

In the new cases, Turner faces a charge of theft $2,500 to $30,000.

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