Fifty different ways to settle Fifty Shades of Grey lawsuit

Lawyers are in serious discussions to settle Fifty Shades of Grey royalty lawsuit.
Lawyers are in serious discussions to settle Fifty Shades of Grey royalty lawsuit. AP

FORT WORTH In the book Fifty Shades of Grey the characters find out there are 50 ways to please your lover.

Now the attorneys involved in a lawsuit over the royalties are finding that there are a lot of different ways to talk about a possible out-of-court settlement of a multi-million lawsuit.

Just a quick reminder: Arlington resident Jennifer Pedroza sued Australian Amanda Hayward over money earned by the smutty international bestseller several years ago. The two women, along with others, were involved in an online blog that morphed into the publishing house that initially printed the soft-core porn novel. Eventually, Random House stepped in and the book made more than $40 million for the group. Pedroza said Hayward cheated her out of her share of the royalties, and a jury agreed.

A Tarrant County judge eventually awarded Pedroza $11.5 million and ordered Hayward to set aside $13 million in cash and assets in a registry of the court to pay the judgment and attorneys fees. As expected, Hayward’s attorneys have filed a notice of appeal.

In the meantime, the two sides keep talking.

David Keltner, the Fort Worth attorney preparing the appeal, said “the other side has approached us and we are talking.”

Michael Farris, the Dallas lawyer representing Pedroza, said the talks have been productive.

“We’re getting closer. Whether we will get there is a serious question, but there are some serious discussions” taking place, Farris said. “We go back and forth on settlement dollar amounts.”

Maybe they can tie this one up before the appeal is filed. (Gad! We didn’t say that, did we?)

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