What should you buy for tax-free weekend? Here are this year’s back-to-school trends

As the annual tradition of a tax-free weekend approaches, you might be wondering how best to spend your back-to-school dollars.

You can find the typical sales at the typical stores: Walmart, Target and Kohl’s are all offering various sales. Target has $4 uniform polos and $8 uniform pants and buy-one, get-one half off kids’ shoes. Kohl’s has a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase for back-to-school items. Old Navy offers up to 60% off of kids and baby clothing.

But what about trends?

Well it seems in terms of fashion, your kid will probably be begging you for some graphic tees and leggings.

But Lindsey Johnson, the store director for the north Dallas Target, said the biggest trend she’s seen so far this year has been for lunch.

“A really popular item with a lot of moms has been the dividers for the lunch boxes,” she said.

You’ve probably seen them all over your social media — meal prepping your lunches or the meals for your kids seem to include endless little configurations of smaller boxes to make sure everything is organized and also adorable.

The trend for meal prepping accessories stems partly from healthy eating and also sustainability — people are trying to find ways to avoid single-use plastics, like disposable sandwich and snack bags.

But Johnson also wants to remind people that while back-to-school, tax-free weekend usually evokes images of fresh notebooks and new jeans, it’s important that parents also remember to stock up on some diapers.

“Don’t forget about this — diapers are also tax-exempt,” she said. “That’s a key category that a lot of people don’t realize.”

Carla Jimenez covers breaking business news and commercial retail development. Born and raised in Euless, she took a detour in the Midwest for a few years, but she’s back in the land of football, barbecue and Dr Pepper.