Sprint unfurls ‘blazing-fast’ 5G network in Dallas-Fort Worth, three other cities

Dallas-Fort Worth on Thursday became among the first places in the country to get a taste of ultra-fast download speeds for wireless devices as Sprint launched its 5G network here and elsewhere.

Sprint is also sparking the fire on what it calls “blazing-fast” download speed in Atlanta, Kansas City and Houston, the first wave in the wireless company’s pursuit of upgrades to its technology.

Sprint expects to start its 5G network in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks.

Rolling out a 5G network is a major play in Sprint’s proposed merger with T-Mobile. The two companies have pledged to deploy 5G speeds as well as to cover rural areas with wireless broadband as a sweetener for regulators who are examining the $26 billion tie-up between the third and fourth largest wireless companies.

Commissioners with the Federal Communications Commission have signaled their approval of the merger and the companies await what a reportedly skeptical Justice Department may say about the deal.

Sprint has indicated that it needs a merger with T-Mobile not only to have the resources to build out a nationwide 5G network, but to realistically continue on as a standalone company.

A 5G network is expected to be a big upgrade on current 4G networks, allowing better streaming and download speeds for entertainment and business applications.

Sprint said customers with LG V50, ThinQ 5G and HTC 5G Hub devices can experience the 5G speeds, with Samsung Galaxy S10 5G coming later this summer.