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Top 3 Tech Gift Picks for ages 2, 4 & 6

Holiday is upon us and unlike when we were growing up, toy functions include lights, sounds, smart cards, cartridges and even more - and that's as early as newborns. So to make things easy, here's three electronic hot gifts from VTech that fit either the 2, 4 or 6 year olds. 

Cogsley from VTech  

Designed for 3-6 years old boys and girls (while it’s perfect for a 3 year-old, 6 year-olds might be a little less excited.)    Available for around $39.99 at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and other major retailers, and online at  and .  

When I was growing up, my coolest toys were my  Peaches N' Creme Barbie,   My Little Pony Rainbow Brite  and Teddy Ruxpin. At the time Teddy was the coolest thing in the world because his eyes and mouth moved while his onboard cassette played so it “seem” like he was talking.   


Thanks Wikipedia for the childhood throwback.


Hey, it was cool for 1985.

Fast forward to 2012 and your cool, interactive toy is no longer a furry bear that looks like a character from Showbiz Pizza, but a robot that can dance, sing and even teach your kid Chinese. Let me introduce you to Cogsley from VTech.


Toy's Features: 

* Cogsley comes with a set of 30 chips that create movements, sounds, and images and animations on the LCD display. The chips help Cogsley teach children skills including letters, counting, words, manners and even basic phrases in Spanish, French, Chinese and German. (Thank goodness he even comes with a storage backpack to carry his chips, so when you have a little ones you can try to keep up with them!)

Cogsley also sings, dances and exercises with music and songs.

He has five interactive body movements including twistable ears and a spinning nose and eyes, to help enhance children’s motor skills.

He even has a sound detector so that if the robot “hears” a clap, sing or shout, the robot will respond with a variety of expressions and movements.

    Teddy doesn't hold a candle to Cogsley.


    Overall: This is a great starter technology toy that’s fun and educational before your kids enter the world of Nintendo, PlayStation and Apple.  


    MobiGo 2 from VTech 

    Designed for 3-6 years old boys and girls (while it’s perfect for a 3 year-old, 6 year-olds might be a little less excited.)  Available for around $39.99 at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and other major retailers, and online at and


    Yes. There are a lot of handheld gaming devices out there. And for a mom just stepping out of toddler’s time with simple toys into big kids toys that can teach my kid along with what cartridges go with what. And after much research and testing (my four-year old really had to take one for the team), the new VTech MobiGo 2 is one of the best options around - especially for the preschool/early elementary set.

    The new MobiGo 2 is a educational handheld system that allows kids to enjoy on-the-go play and hone their creativity all while learning basic skills such as math, vocabulary, spelling, reading, logic, drawing and more.  Of course, like all the others you can buy several of your kid’s favorite characters and shows like Thomas the Tank Engine, Jack and the Neverland Pirates, and Disney Princesses to play in addition to the fun already installed programs.


    Sound like a lot like a Leapster? In some ways they do the same things and even look a lot alike. If you really want to take compare them, you can see the side-by-side. The price of all the accessories will stand out most of all, as well as, the upgraded MobiGo system’s features – the photo viewing! This baby allows you to import your own photos, tag your photos, create mic-activated fun photo effects and set photos as wallpaper. However, there is a lot more cool stuff where that came from. 

    Toy Features:

    * Two NEW ways to play: MobiGo 2 comes equipped with a NEW motion sensor and microphone in addition to the touchscreen: 

    - The NEW motion sensor provides total game control, allowing kids to create action movements within games and programs while playing 

    - The NEW microphone provides different methods of game play. Blow into the microphone to move objects, blow off dust, or initiate other special effects. Or speak into it to give a command or trigger an action  

    * QWERTY keyboard helps kids become familiar with a keyboard layout 

    * Pre-loaded with FREE games: MobiGo 2 also functions as an e-reader, photo album, photo viewer and art studio and coloring book, and comes pre-loaded with three great games that take advantage of the product’s many features 

    * Numerous apps for download: The expanded onboard memory allows kids to store more fun. More than 80 other apps are available for download at the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator™ at  

    Overall: The VTech MobiGo 2 allows you to combine that durable first camera, teaching assistant and your kid’s game device into one product for a reasonable price.

    InnoTab 2 and 2s from VTech 

    Designed for 3-9 years old boys and girls (comes in blue and pink). 

    Depending on the model, it’ available for around $69.99 -$99.99 at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and other major retailers, and online at and

    I admit: my four-year old can operate my IPad better than I can. 

    Unfortunately, while letting him use my device at first allowed me to get through a nice dinner out to eat or a long wait at the doctor’s office, it has now become an issue. I mean I have to ask my son when I can use the IPad… Not to mention me always reminding him not to have his drinks or snacks around it or his sister coming by and knocking it off the table. So something had to happen. And getting him an IPad was not the option, so mom had to get innovative…That’s the InnoTab2s!



    Toy's Features: 

    * Pre-loaded with FREE onboard activities including one tilt sensor game, one augmented reality game, one e-book, art studio app, notes app, friends list, calendar and calculator to get started. (Sounds like your first smartphone, right?)

    Hundreds of apps for download: Kids can engage with their favorite licensed characters by downloading one of more than 200 apps*, including games, e-books and more that teach kids reading, logic and creativity; visit VTech's Learning Lodge Navigator for more information.

    With 2GB onboard memory and expandable SD card slot available to accommodate SD cards up to 32GB,the InnoTab2 keeps your child engaged.

    NEW Rotatable camera for memory capture: Features a new rotatable digital camera and video recorder that allows kids to capture memories of themselves or their friends.

    Customizable: Enables kids (up to four users) to personalize the InnoTab 2 by creating their own user name and avatar, a voice greeting, typed greeting and photo wallpaper.

    * And what makes the InnoTab 2s more special than the Innotab2? The InnoTab 2s Learning App Tablet with secure Wi-Fi contains all the product features of the InnoTab 2, plus a secure wireless connection to VTech's Learning Lodge Navigator for easy and secure downloading of games, e-books, music and more.  (Yep, now you don’t have to plug it up to your computer to get an update or a new app!)

    Overall: Get your IPad back and rest assured that the content your kiddo is looking at is education and entertaining, but always approved by you. And at less than $100, than the InnoTab 2/2s is way cheaper than IPad and much more durable too!)

    Happy Shopping!


    I received one or more of the mentioned products for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensating was given and all opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. (Accordance with FTC's 16 CFR Part 255, "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.")