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An extra tooth no longer

I have one tough little trooper.

On Tuesday, my son had oral surgery to remove an extra adult tooth that was growing in his gums and getting in the way of his two top front teeth. We've known for a few years that he was going to have to have it taken out, but it still made me nervous nonetheless.

I shouldn't have worried.

He took the liquid demerol ahead of time with no complaint. And when they put the laughing gas mask on his nose, he just laid there calmly, answering the questions the nurses asked him.

And when it came time for the oral surgeon to cut open the roof of his mouth and take out the tooth, he patiently opened his mouth and didn't squirm once. Not even when the doctor was putting the stitches in.

I am so proud of my six-year-old. He hasn't complained about it hurting and hasn't had any Motrin at all today.

I hope all challenging things in his life go this easy.