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Review: Thomas and Friends: The Greatest Stories

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Thomas & Friends: The Greatest Stories

(Two-disc special edition)


What is it? This 2-disc set features 20 episodes of Thomas, including the very first. You also get bonus games and music to enjoy. Many of the different narrators and characters come along for this ride.

What we liked:
We found this DVD collection to be a great place to start your Thomas collection. You get to meet many of the different characters who play a part in the show, along with many different narrators. It’s a good way to introduce someone to the series. I have to admit, I had no idea Thomas had been around for so many seasons! Even if your child is already a Thomas fanatic, this might be a fun collection because you get to sample episodes from so many different seasons, many that your child may never have seen. Of course the storytelling was wonderful, which is why we always love Thomas DVDs! 

What we didn’t like: As usual with Thomas, if your child is a fan, there isn’t much not to like!  The only downfall would be if you already have most of the episodes that appear on the DVDs in your collection. Check out for a list of what’s included on the DVDs.