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(oh, you thought we were talking about that, but I got you to click here, huh?)

As a mom, you get to talk more about what happens in a diaper than ever imagined before having a child. From the moment your little one is born you are instructed to keep track of every BM, inspect them, and when the time is right, you get to choose the appropriate name for “potty time” and move on to toilet training (and that is a whole other ballgame and another post to come.)


With all the new technologies out there today: online diapering (ordering straight to the house is a personal favorite – Walmart is only .97 for shipping), thinner/more absorbent types (Pampers just sent me a sample of their newest version), one would wonder how moms ever did it.  Well, it wasn’t easy -  but pins and those white, thick cloths were the only option available.  However, I have noticed that there is a reemergence of cloth diapering, but this is not the way I remember it with messy diaper pails, pin pricks and the worst – folding the many, many diapers into the perfect shape to be prepared for their next use.


Today’s moms are committed to being both economical and environmentally friendly, so it is no doubt that cloth diapers would be the perfect option. However, the idea of cloth diaper is sometimes a little hard to stomach in more ways than one. So with all the choices out there, where does a mom even start?


Well, in my research, I found out a friend of mine actually has started a company to do just this: introduce cloth diaper systems to moms and make it easy for us to get going. Her video really breaks it down for you to understand all the different types of cloth diapers, teaches you what you need to know and makes everything you need  available at your fingertips to be (as one of my other friends who just had her second child), “A real cloth diaper momma!” One of other great features on her site in addition to her practical, how-to-guides is her “Compare Products” option, so you can evaluate your options side-by-side. But I have to admit my favorite part of her site her mission to make it simple says it all in the name: .


So mommas, what do you think about cloth diapers? Are you considering it or already made the plunge?

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