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Boy drowned after waves hit a raft at Lake Pat Cleburne

An Alvarado boy whose body was recovered Saturday from Lake Pat Cleburne fell from an inflatable raft Friday evening in the wake of a passing boat, according to reports.

Charles Kibodeaux, 15, of Alvarado was identified by the Tarrant County medical examiner's office. The cause of death was accidental drowning, the office reported.

Firefighters were called to the lake about 6:24 p.m. Friday, said Cleburne Fire Chief Clint Ishmael.

Kibodeaux, who recently moved to Alvarado from Louisiana, went to the lake Friday to go swimming with a friend, Ishmael said.

The friend's mother drove the boys to the lake, but she did not swim with them, Ishmael said.

Kibodeaux and a friend were floating on an inflatable raft about 75 feet from shore when a boat passed close to them, Ishmael said.

The boys, who were good swimmers, were thrown from the raft because of waves from the passing boat, he said.

"They got scared and they panicked," Ishmael said. The boys, he added, were not wearing life jackets.

The friend's mother noticed the boys were not in the area where she had left them, and she drove toward the northern end of the lake and saw her son coming out of the water, Ishmael said.

The friend told authorities that when he swam to shore, Kibodeaux was not with him.

Kibodeaux's body was recovered Saturday at the lake, officials said.

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