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Lawyer withdraws motion to recuse 'racist' judge

DALLAS -- A black defense attorney who wanted a Tarrant County district judge taken off her cases for being "racist," withdrew her motion for recusal Thursday.

The move came after nearly a full day's worth of testimony in Dallas, where a state district judge heard evidence to decide whether Tarrant County State District Judge Elizabeth Berry should be recused from hearing defense attorney Lesa Pamplin's cases. Berry was accused of sending a racist e-mail to her court reporter in which she called another court reporter a racial epithet.

In testimony Thursday, everyone agreed that the e-mail was a fake, it did not come from Berry's computer, and she didn't have anything to do with the document.

After hearing the result of the Tarrant County district attorney's office investigation, Pamplin agreed that the allegations against Berry were not true.

"As an African-American attorney, I had a duty to my clients to make sure that it is not true. ... The e-mail is a fake, and I would like to withdraw my motion to recuse," Pamplin told the court.

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