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Campaign mailer accuses North Texas mayoral candidate of being a ‘plantation owner’

Stephanie Boardingham is running for Mayor of Forest Hill.
Stephanie Boardingham is running for Mayor of Forest Hill. Courtesy

A campaign mailer was sent to Forest Hill residents portraying a mayoral candidate as a “plantation owner” who tells black people what to do.

Stephanie Boardingham, who is white, is running against Gerald Joubert, Lyndia Thomas and Marcus Brookins, who are African American, but said she has no idea where the mailer came from.

“I feel like whoever did this did so to stop African Americans from voting for me,” she said.

The campaign mailer, printed on a bright orange card, shows a picture of a black man dressed as the Cat in the Hat, and his face was painted white.

The flyer says in part, “She (Stephanie Boardingham) is less educated and not qualified to be the Mayor of Forest Hill. She is a wolf in sheep clothing, will grin in your face and stab you in your back. She is desperate and will do any and everything to get elected. Just like Donald Trump! They get in and you can’t get them out!”

Boardingham said police are investigating and she is also contacting the US Postmaster to request an investigation.

“Somebody is jealous of me because of my popularity in the community. They did this to act like I’m the plantation owner in Forest Hill. I’ve done my job very well representing all of the different communities; they were trying to ruin my reputation,” she said.

Keith Smith, who teaches reading in the Dallas school district and who appears in the image of the mailer, said he dresses as the Cat in the Hat to encourage children to read.

Smith said that he and Boardingham worked on literacy campaigns, beginning when he was the children’s librarian in Forest Hill.

Smith said the Cat in the Hat photo was used in Boardingham’s council campaign signs as a way to encourage people to read, get out and vote.

“I think this is reverse discrimination against Stephanie,” Smith said.

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