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Saddle up for schnitzel? Reata goes to Oktoberfest. (Oh—and book Thanksgiving now.)

Reata’s Oktoberfest pop-up features bratwurst, schnitzel, wines

Hey, Bud! I read about Reata serving at Oktoberfest — is it as expensive as before?

—Gordon, Crowley

Not at all. Reata is serving $12 bratwurst or schnitzel dinners, a $20 charcuterie board. There’s Riesling and pinot noir wines along with the Spaten beers. Look for it in Spaten Halle at the Oktoberfest grounds near Panther Island.

Time to book for Thanksgiving, particularly for big families. Yes, really

Hey, Bud! I know it’s early, but are the new hotels going to be open for Thanksgiving? Where’s someplace new?

—Doreen, Keller

The Sinclair Marriott Autograph and the remodeled Renaissance Worthington plan to open by Christmas, but may not make it by Thanksgiving. 97 West Kitchen + Bar at the Drover Marriott Autograph in the Stockyards doesn’t open until fall 2020. Bourbon & Cut at Live! by Loews is already open, but hasn’t announced holiday plans. Right now, the best bets in Fort Worth and Arlington are still the prime steak and seafood houses plus the Omni and traditional restaurants like Bird Cafe or Lucile’s.

Tex-Mex days gone by: That was La Hacienda, or was it?

Hey, Bud! My parents are trying to remember a Tex-Mex restaurant on Montgomery Street a little north of the West Freeway, 20 years ago or more.

—Tammy, Weatherford

I’m guessing that was La Hacienda, 2020 Montgomery (and also 3460 Bluebonnet Circle). Pulido’s remains open south of the freeway. There was also a tiny Tex-mex place at 2504 Montgomery St. named Whatsinaname, now Jazz Cafe.