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Finding Kajunville and New Orleans-style spicy chicken in south Fort Worth

Blackened chicken with greens and mac-and-cheese at Kajunville Kitchen.
Blackened chicken with greens and mac-and-cheese at Kajunville Kitchen.

A spicy chicken sandwich that won’t lead you afoul

Hey, Bud! Ever tried Kajunville Kitchen on Altamesa Boulevard? ... Forget chain restaurants. Go to Kajunville and get a spicy chicken.

—Twitter commenters

Hadn’t tried it till you mentioned it — Kajunville has been open about nine months — but now I know about the Cajun fried chicken or catfish and blackened chicken platters. It’s at 3329 Altamesa Blvd. east of McCart Avenue.

Uncorking GrapeFest’s big event and local restaurants

Hey, Bud! GrapeFest is next week — isn’t there some big wine dinner deal?

—Bubbly reader asking in a restaurant

The Texas Wine Tribute Sept. 7 is the big-ticket gala of GrapeFest, where a $125 ticket buys dinner and copious servings of wine. It’s in the Grand Hall, 636 S. Main St. When the festival starts Sept. 12, look for food booths featuring Bartleys BBQ, Main Street Bread Baking Co., Napoli’s, Wise Guys Pizza and more local restaurants.

‘Beyond’ beef tacos? But ... why? (They’re not bad.)

Hey, Bud! Have you tried those Beyond Beef tacos at Taco Cabana? Dare I?

—Guy pining for tacos

Beyond Beef taco meat looks and tastes about the same as beef. It’s plant-based, so if you need to have a lighter taco, give it a try. But in the long run a simple, unprocessed chicken fajita taco may be a better deal.

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