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That new music hall on Race Street also has a new food menu. More on the Post

The Eastsider sandwich features roast beef, turkey and bacon in the Post at River East
The Eastsider sandwich features roast beef, turkey and bacon in the Post at River East

Sandwiches, ribs, weekend lunch at The Post on River East

Hey, Bud! What’s the food like in The Post at River East? We’re going to a show.

—Sharon, Fort Worth

The new Race Street music club named The Post at River East also serves dinner and weekend lunch. The menu so far is mostly sandwiches — try the Eastsider with roast beef, turkey and bacon, or the slow-roasted pork ribs. The full menu is in place now with soups and salads. Look for it weekdays at 4 p.m., weekends at noon at 2925 Race St., near Riverside Drive.

Second chance the key for restaurant health inspections

Hey, Bud! There are five or six restaurants that have had worse health scores than Yucatan Taco Stand did. How’d the others stay out of the news?

—Yucatan fan

Most fixed their problems and cleared reinspection. Buffets are the most trouble-prone. Generally, health scores should be read as pass-fail: The number isn’t a big deal unless the restaurant fails. Find Fort Worth inspections at

Popeyes chicken sandwich is good, if you can find it

Hey, Bud! Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?

—Twitter reader, obviously

Snagged at a Popeye’s chicken sandwich in Lake Worth on a Sunday. Bigger. Crisper. Juicier. Like you’d pay $11 for in a chef-driven restaurant. Good bun. A win for Popeyes, and I still go to Chick-fil-A too.

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