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On National Lasagna Day, take your choice: 15 layers, or one dish of cheesy goodness?

Margie’s classic lasagna with meat sauce has been a favorite since 1953.
Margie’s classic lasagna with meat sauce has been a favorite since 1953.

Spaghetti Warehouse is still around, but here are the real classics

Hey, Bud! We all remember the delicious nine-layer lasagna at Spaghetti Warehouse. The soupy lasagna most Italian restaurants serve is no substitute. Where can I find lasagna?

—Lee, Lakeside

It’s now 15-layer lasagna at Spaghetti Warehouse, particularly Aug. 22 for National Lasagna Day. Arlington still has a location at 1255 Interstate 20 West. I think Mancuso’s Italian Restaurant, 9500 White Settlement Road, has the best traditional lasagna, and beta version Margie’s Italian Kitchen, 9805 Camp Bowie West, is still dishing up a good version after 66 years. (For a nice night out, order “Grandma’s Lasagna” at Piola Italian Restaurant & Garden, 3700 Mattison Ave.)

Lamb chops: more fun at festivals?

Hey, Bud! Where are the best lamb chops?

—Joanne, North Richland Hills

I don;t think Fort Worth has ever had a standout restaurant for lamb chops. It always seems like they’re more fun at the Mid-Cities Greek Fest (Oct. 18-20) or Fort Worth Greek Food Festival (Nov. 8-10). Public opinion seems to favor Terra Mediterranean Grill, 2973 Crockett St. — that’s a good choice anytime.

For old-school salads, go east to Highland Park Cafeteria

Hey, Bud! Is there anything that compares to Vance Godbey’s buffet? Looking for old-school, vintage recipes of various salads and sides like they had. Any ideas at all?

—Ashley, from a Facebook group

Heaven’s Gate, 3820 N. Main St., is a home-cooking buffet vaguely like the old Vance Godbey’s, although the salad bar is shorter. Highland Park Cafeteria, 1200 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, is in its 95th year as a definitive American cafeteria, right down to the classic old-time salad line.