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JR’s Cafe returns to Saginaw with breakfast all day, chocolate or coconut cream pies

Chocolate cream pie: It’s a must-try at JR’s Cafe in Saginaw.
Chocolate cream pie: It’s a must-try at JR’s Cafe in Saginaw.

Saginaw is a city now, but JR’s Cafe still feels like someplace in a small town.

The 30-year town cafe recently reopened under new owners with a bigger menu — and the same bargain prices.

Plate lunches cost $7.99. Breakfasts are cheaper.

The most expensive item on the menu is a $14.99 T-bone with sides.

JR’s is now part of the Moe’s Cafe empire, owned by the Haddad family along with Benbrook Cafe in Benbrook, Moe’s in River Oaks and Moe’s Country Kitchen in Azle.

The food is standard plate-lunch cafe fare. Don’t expect gourmet cooking, or prices.

Breakfast is the most reliable order — the biscuits rank high — and it’s served anytime all day.

The hand-breaded onion rings at all four restaurants are some of the best in town.

JR’s also now serves Moe’s popular chocolate cream, coconut cream or German chocolate cream pies.

With more expensive chain restaurants popping up in Saginaw, it’s good to see somewhere the family can still have Sunday turkey-and-dressing for $7.99 each. Children or seniors dine for less.

JR’s Cafe is now open for breakfast and lunch daily. It’s in a 70-year-old building that was built at 300 S. Saginaw Blvd. back when that was still the major north-south highway across North America; 817-232-8294.

The other restaurants are open all day six days a week plus for breakfast and lunch Sundays: Benbrook Cafe, 4902 U.S. 377 South, 817-244-1372; Moe’s Cafe, 4705 River Oaks Blvd., 817-378-9262; and Moe’s Country Kitchen, 316 W. Main St., Azle, 817-444-1400.