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Prime rib, lobster bisque and creme brulee: And yes, this new restaurant is in Aledo

Almost a smiley-face creme brulee at Bistro 1031 in Aledo.
Almost a smiley-face creme brulee at Bistro 1031 in Aledo.

The new Bistro 1031 is a huge surprise.

First, it’s a sunny dining room in downtown Aledo, facing a historic business district that was built in the days when steam locomotives chugged past.

Second, it has a little something for everybody.

Instead of a country steakhouse or a clubby bar, Bistro 1031 has the broad menu and popular appeal of Fort Worth restaurants like Lucile’s, The Tavern or the Charleston’s/Redrock Canyon chain.

The prices fit Parker County’s pocketbook. Entrees are mostly $13-$20, with the top-of-the-line filet mignon going for $30 including sides.

And the prices don’t change at night. The $8-$9 salads stay that way. (They’re $12-$13 with chicken, $17-$18 with salmon.)

Chef Steve Mitchell offers a feature each night. On Saturdays, prime rib dinners are $26.

The sandwich menu runs from a cheddar burger ($10 with chips or fries) to a chicken-bacon-adobo “Flaming Rooster” or a prime rib-poblano-provolone cheesesteak.

Appetizers include shrimp-and-grits or lobster bisque.

Bistro 1031 has only been open a few weeks, so please be gentle with the new staff.

It’s easy to find but slightly tricky to park. Take the farm road into Aledo , cross the railroad and then follow the loop road back around to 109 S. Front St. Park behind the restaurant.

Bistro 1031 is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, lunch Sunday; 817-926-1031.

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