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Monkey King Noodle arrives in Fort Worth from Dallas, but something’s missing

We love it when Dallas restaurants open a new location in Fort Worth.

But sometimes, we can’t order the same dishes as in Dallas.

The latest restaurant to trip over the county line is Monkey King Noodle Co,

It’s a smash hit in Deep Ellum.

But a new Fort Worth location in the Food Hall at Crockett Row has a shorter menu.

For example: no noodles..

Monkey King serves only chef Andrew Chen’s dumplings in Fort Worth, because the small food hall kiosk lacks a range hood.

Monkey King’s choice of dumplings is excellent: pork, pork soup (Xiaolongbao) or tofu-edamame, plus pork or mushroom wontons in chili sauce.

The Xiaolongbao soup dumplings are meticulously tucked bundles of bao. They look simple but they’re flavorful.

At $8-$10, the dumplings are another good reason to visit the West 7th area and the Food Hall besides Press Waffle, Not Just Q, Abe Froman’s pizza, Knife Burger and the giant lobster rolls at The Dock.

The Food Hall is open for lunch and dinner daily; 3000 Crockett St.,


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