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Father’s Day choices: (1) a big 42-ounce steak, (2) a big buffet, (3) a big plate of barbecue

Hey, Bud! Are you listing Father’s Day brunches? Please list ours!

—At least 10 PR people

Until I get everybody’s menu for June 16, I’d recommend taking Dad for (1) the Saturday night 42-ounce porterhouse Florentine at Gemelle — $80, not available Sundays — (2) the “Man V. Brunch” buffet at Cast Iron in the Omni — $55 — or (3) take-home barbecue from Flores Barbecue at the Trailhead at Clearfork, or from Smiley’s Craft Barbecue in Ponder. Or any barbecue in the air-conditioned dining comfort of either Heim Barbecue location in Fort Worth.

Hey, Bud! Anything cheaper?

—At least 10 people who read the first question

A Father’s Day weekend prime rib dinner at Hoffbrau Steaks and Grill starts at $21.95. Chef Point Cafe in Watauga has specials for $25-$30. Del Frisco’s Grille on Sundance Square Plaza has a red-velvet Belgian waffle with thick-cut bacon for $13.50. Lots of restaurants will serve their regular menu.

Hey, Bud! Didn’t you say a Mama’s Pizza is coming to Hudson Oaks?

—3 readers in Hudson Oaks

Owner Jordan Scott says yes, it’s still planned. But nothing confirmed yet. (Meanwhile, Shep’s Place is donating all profits from sales of the Grizzard Burger to the memory of late Pizza Place owner Roger Grizzard, Parker County’s leading pizzeria owner and town legends. It’s a pizza-burger with olive tapenade, pepperoni, marinara and mozzarella.)

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