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Smoked chicken stuffed with dirty rice? BBQ pitmaster-preacher ‘Jube’ draws praise in Stop Six

What struck me right away about pitmaster Patrick Joubert at Jube’s Smokehouse, 1900 S. Edgewood Terrace, is how much respect he has for his fellow pitmasters.

“That Panther City BBQ — those boys are doing a good job over there,” he said last weekend.

“And Hurtado [in Arlington] — those folks are working hard over there,” he said. “We all pull together.”

Lately, some of the same craft barbecue folks have been praising Joubert, a pitmaster from a Louisiana family who opened Jube’s off Ramey Street in the Stop Six residential neighborhood.

Texas Monthly magazine’s “barbecue editor,” Daniel Vaughn, found his way to Jube’s and wrote about preacher-pitmaster Joubert and his smoked chicken stuffed with dirty rice (order a day in advance).

On Memorial Day, Joubert was open selling whole briskets and rib racks. A brisket plate was lean with an excellent smoke ring, not as fancy as at the new craft barbecue restaurants but a good value at $13.

Joubert’s social media posts are as much fun as his restaurant, promoting side dishes such as “distry doggone rice,” jambalaya, “po-tay-toe salad” and “set-mup” (7Up) cake.

The location was built in 1944 as a neighborhood grocery and operated in recent years mostly as Floyd’s BBQ. Jube’s took over a year ago.

Jube’s is open for lunch and early dinner Tuesdays through Thursdays, until 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. It’s at Edgewood Terrace and Avenue L; 817-779-0235;

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