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Steak-seafood restaurant near opening in upscale suburban Aledo

A new restaurant is opening in downtown Aledo, where 35 freight trains pass daily along Front Street.

So Bistro 1031 looks sort of like a new-old train station.

“We gave it kind of a retro depot look,” said Steve Mitchell, chef at what will be the first major full-service dinner restaurant in the Parker County city of 4,000.

Bistro 1031 will open in late June on the new Aledo Commons, serving steaks, prime rib, salmon, shrimp-and-grits and an assortment of lunch and brunch items.

Mitchell is remembered from Lucile’s Stateside Bistro and Yucatán Taco Stand, and lately did the opening menu for the now-closed 3rd Street Bar & Grill in Sundance Square.

For years, he was the chef at a Possum Kingdom Lake club and wondered when Aledo would get big enough to support a restaurant.

“Now, it’s just blowing up and so is Walsh,” he said.

He simply posted in a Facebook group looking for anyone interested in starting a restaurant. Eventually, through another channel, he connected with Chauntel Cabello and her family.

“Then we went looking at locations, and nothing was big enough,” he said.

“Finally, we found out about this place.”

The new Aledo Commons amphitheater wll become the city’s gathering place for concerts and events.

Bistro 1031 is going up alongside. It’s a handsome, new Austin stone restaurant building across the railroad from Aledo’s century-old historic downtown.

Other new restaurants are coming to a Wilks Brothers development in Willow Park, but Bistro 1031 will become the major restaurant on Farm Road 5 between Weatherford and Benbrook.

Watch for an opening at 109 S. Front St..

Eggs Mexicana with bacon at the Aledo Diner. Bud Kennedy

While I’m talking about Aledo, I apologize to Guadalupe González of Aledo Diner and his family.

González and his family own that breakfast-lunch restaurant at 205 N. Front St.

His brother, Ruben, and Betty González own Manny’s Cafe inside David’s Stove Shop on Interstate 20 at Mikus Road east of Hudson Oaks and the new H-E-B Supermarket. (They also own the Peaster Diner on Farm Road 920.)

I mixed up the three family cafes in a May 3 column item. They’re all good stops for generous breakfast, either American or Tex-Mex.

Columnist Bud Kennedy is a Fort Worth guy who covered high school football at 16 and has moved on to two Super Bowls, seven political conventions and 15 Texas Legislature sessions. Since 1985, he has also written more than 2,000 “Eats Beat” columns about Texas dining, restaurants and food.