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The Jacksboro Highway leads to good fajitas & this new Tex-Mex outpost near Azle

The Jacksboro Highway has turned into Fajitas Road.

From Mezcales and El Paseo to Azle and beyond, the Tex-Mex restaurants along Texas 199 serve exceptionally smoky, tender fajitas, maybe because the cowboy crowds expect Cowtown-quality beef.

Villa del Sol is the newest stop. It’s owned by relatives from the Rangel family that operate several other nearby Tex-Mex restaurants such as Más Salsa in Springtown.

At midafternoon Sunday, Villa del Sol was still filled with late lunch diners. Word has gotten around about this little cafe in a former real estate office near Russell Feed.

Villa del Sol stood out quickly with thin, light chips and fresh guacamole.

A simple “Dolores H“ combination plate ($9.50) came with a green chicken enchilada made with excellent white-meat chicken. The tamal was better than usual — it’s described as homemade —and topped with a mild, flavorful chili sauce, more gentle than chili con carne.

A beef fajita taco came with exceptionally soft, marinated beef, more tender than typical fajitas.

Commenters on social media praise the fajitas ($13.95, or $16.95 with bacon-wrapped shrimp and ribs). There’s also a $17.95 ribeye platter.

Villa del Sol also serves fajita burritos or enchiladas topped with fajitas.

It’s open for lunch and dinner daily except Monday; 1300 Northwest Parkway St., west of Azle; 817-406-4452.

Villa del Sol is west of Azle near Russell Feed. Bud Kennedy
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