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On the west side menu: Chubby’s is back, and Parton’s is expanding

Parton’s marks 50 years of pizza chowdowns

Parton’s Pizza, marking 50 years, plans to expand the dining room and buffet.
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Parton’s Pizza, marking 50 years, plans to expand the dining room and buffet.

Hey, Bud! What’s up at Chubby’s Burger Shack? We lost Pop’s and then we lost Salsa Fuego. We need a burger out west.

—Darren, Fort Worth

There’s all kinds of good news for the Western Hills neighborhood. Chubby’s Burger Shack, known for a 3-pound burger, has reopened at Cherry Lane and Camp Bowie Boulevard West after more than a year of fire repairs. Parton’s Pizza is about to open its new expanded dining room. Fuego Burger is still there, just a few blocks south at 4400 Benbrook Highway. Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ has a burger and is about to add weekend breakfast. (But The Dive Oyster Bar closed.)

Hey, Bud! Where do we go for Thanksgiving? Not the fancy places.

—Carol, Fort Worth

It’s the last Thanksgiving dinner for Cafe 1187, the little cafe on a pretty horse ranch south of Benbrook. Chef Michelle Tezak will continue to host events and parties. Ranchman’s Cafe, the “Ponder steakhouse,” is hands-down the best folksy-family Thanksgiving lunch spot, but may be booked. For a buffet like the old Vance Godbey’s, little Heaven’s Gate Restaurant in north Fort Worth is taking reservations.

Hey, Bud! When are you going to try OMG Tacos? And what’d you think of the new Babe’s Chicken?

—Rodney, North Richland Hills

OMG Tacos is on the list. (It’s open till 3 a.m. nightly at 3011 Bledsoe St.)  As for Babe’s on Loop 820 and Rufe Snow Drive, who can argue with fried chicken and biscuits? But I must say — it’s the first Babe’s where the server said he would explain the “protein choices.”