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‘Ice cream nachos,’ red-velvet funnel cake and more at new Fort Worth area grill

Ice cream nachos at Boulevard Scoops on Texas 199 in Sansom Park.
Ice cream nachos at Boulevard Scoops on Texas 199 in Sansom Park. Courtesy photo

How can anyone drive past this sign: “Homemade Burgers — Cobbler — Funnel Cake”?

It’s bringing cars skidding to a stop on Texas 199, where the new location of Boulevard Scoops is now a 1950s-style burger grill and soda shop.

Originally a creamery and shake shop serving Michigan-based Ashby’s Sterling ice creams, Boulevard Scoops added old-fashioned burgers and hot dogs.

The main attraction, though, remains the State Fair-like dessert menu: fried Oreos, cobblers and 10 flavors of funnel cakes, such as maple-walnut-bacon, red velvet, strawberry-cheesecake or banana-Nutella.

If I were Dallas’ mayor, I’d be worried.

Who’s going to come to the State Fair for fried Oreos or funnel cakes if you can find them on the Jacksboro Highway?

The cheese-ring burger and the bacon-jalapeno cheeseburger (about $6-$7) lead the lunch and dinner menu. They’re your basic grill burger with a griddle-toasted bun.

Side dishes include more festival foods such as twister fries or cheese curds, and the desserts include specials such as ice-cream nachos or a funnel-cake ice-cream sandwich.

“Food is really my passion so we pared back the ice cream items to do more food,” owner Tina Winnett said.

“I make all the cobblers every day.” Last week’s specials were a banana-bread cobbler or a blackberry-coconut cobbler, she said.

One popular item on social media: a lavender-honey milkshake.

“Since Braum’s left [nearby on Texas 183], people here have been looking for an ice cream shop and hangout,” she said.

“We get a lot of regulars from River Oaks and a lot of call-in orders for folks on Jacksboro Highway heading home.”

Boulevard Scoops is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday; 5429 Jacksboro Highway (near El Paseo Restaurant), 817-585-3205,