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Hey, Bud! A Fort Worth BBQ restaurant needs help. Also, what's up with In-N-Out?

Brisket, pulled pork, squash casserole and fried zucchini at Lady & the Pit.
Brisket, pulled pork, squash casserole and fried zucchini at Lady & the Pit.

Hey, Bud! I'm not sure if you can share this, but the Lady & The Pit barbecue in east Fort Worth needs some portable A/C units for summer nights. I learned about the food there from your column.

—J.R., Fort Worth

Natasha Smith's barbecue and home-cooking restaurant is one of the city's best, and well worth a visit even on a hot day. Here's one solution: Go early. It's open for lunch Wednesdays through Sundays. If someone in the family can't handle it, order take-out. Find it at 2220 Handley Road, near Meadowbrook Drive.

Eats Beat Ep. 133

Easter brunch deals!

Hey, Bud! What's up with In-N-Out Burger anyway? Their fries are weak.


Fort Worth

In-N-Out Burger is a family-owned California company with a family appeal like Chick-fil-A (note the Bible verses beneath cups). The burgers are intended to be ordered as doubles (same for Five Guys), so if you ordered a single and didn't get the appeal, try a double double mustard-grilled "animal-style." And always order fries well done.

Hey, Bud! When is DFW Restaurant Week this year?

—Several emailers

DFW Restaurant Week, the annual dining promotion where restaurants donate a portion of each check to a children's charity, is always a big secret up until reservations open. But the best guess is Aug. 13-19, with some restaurants offering $35 specials through Labor Day. Watch for more details in mid-July.

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