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Where’s the New Mexico chile around here? It’s close by at Papa’s (the old La Choza)

The New Mexico flat enchilada with egg on top at La Choza Mexican Grill near Lakeside.
The New Mexico flat enchilada with egg on top at La Choza Mexican Grill near Lakeside. Star-Telegram archives

Hey, Bud! Is there anyplace to get New Mexican food in Fort Worth? Stacked enchiladas, red and green chile … ?

Question at a neighborhood meeting

Yes — and it’s good. Papa’s Dine In Dive is the new name for La Choza Fine Food, which started as Anthony’s in north Fort Worth, moved around and settled west of Lake Worth on Confederate Park Road, near LightCatcher Winery. Owner Anthony Aguillon was a chef in Santa Fe and serves true red and green chile dishes along with seafood rellenos, Tex-Mex and some of his own specialties. (It’s at 7001 Confederate Park Road.)


Hey, Bud! What’s up with all the new brunch offerings? Is this a trend around the country?

Second question at a neighborhood meeting

Years ago, “brunch” switched from describing a Sunday hotel buffet to describing a chef-driven menu of omelettes, platters, variations on eggs Benedict and (almost without exception) French toast combos that taste like a dessert. Entire restaurants (Yolk downtown and the forthcoming Snooze on West Seventh Street) have sprung up based on the idea of all-week brunch or a “better breakfast.” Don’t ask — just go.


Hey, Bud! Who has the best flautas in town?

Third question at a neighborhood meeting

In 30 years, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked for the best flautas. I think of them more as a Tex-Mex accessory than a main dish. But the ones that come to mind are at Benito’s, El Paseo and Los Asaderos. (Along with Dos Molinas’, those are three of our best Tex-Mex restaurants overall, so if the flautas don’t suit you, something else will.)