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Biscuits + gravy = breakfast crowds at diners like Benbrook Cafe

Biscuits and sausage gravy at Benbrook Cafe.
Biscuits and sausage gravy at Benbrook Cafe.

Hey, Bud! You wrote about River Bend Cafe’s great biscuits. I also like the biscuits and gravy and the retro style at Benbrook Cafe.

Reuben, Fort Worth

The Haddad family’s Benbrook Cafe is where west-siders go when the line is too long at West Side Cafe or Cracker Barrel, and sometimes even when it isn’t. The biscuits don’t match River Bend’s, but the sausage gravy is spot-on. The chicken-fried steaks, plate lunches, burgers and coconut pie compare well to other home-cooking cafes. (Retro? Yes, it’s definitely retro.) Look for it at 4902 Benbrook Highway, south of Fuego Burger. Relatives own the similar Moe’s in River Oaks and Azle.


Hey, Bud! There’s a “for lease” sign on Sammie’s Bar-B-Que. I thought Sam Gibbins was going to reopen it?

Riverside reader

The renaissance of East Belknap Street’s 72-year barbecue landmark is on hold. Gibbins has been looking for someone else to operate it. For now, he continues as a partner in the nearby Smoke Pit BBQ, 2401 E. Belknap St., with Annette Hinkel.


Hey, Bud! When will the new MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza place open across from Chuy’s?

Guy in the lobby of The Stayton at Museum Way

Los Angeles-based MidiCi, a fast-casual pizzeria known for the “indoor patio” tree and decor, is expected to open late in January. Look for it before the Stock Show ends at 629 Stayton St., across the parking lot north of Hopdoddy Burger Bar. A new 85ºC Bakery Cafe and a Creamistry nitrogren ice-cream shop also are close to opening.