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No Franklin’s? Here’s where to stop for barbecue around Austin

Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor
Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor

Hey, Bud! Where do we go in Austin for barbecue while Franklin’s is rebuilding?

Cresson reader

Take the tollway and cut over to Taylor and Louie Mueller’s, one of Texas’ original Big Four of barbecue (with Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Cooper’s in Llano and Luling City Market). In Austin, none other than Michelle Obama recommends Terry Black’s BBQ, an Austin restaurant run by a Lockhart family. For a stop along the way, consider Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton. (And the Monument Cafe in Georgetown for breakfasts or home-cooking lunch or dinner seven days a week.)


Hey, Bud! What happened to Americado? That was quick.

Lauren, Fort Worth

Americado is open through Sunday. It opened as a stylized Mexico City-style food hall, but Tex-Mex regulars didn’t like ordering chips, food and margaritas at different stalls. Families loved the lawn, but found they needed table service. Some of the food was great, but it never found its audience.


Hey, Bud! Where can we go for a Thanksgiving family breakfast or brunch?

Sandra, Fort Worth

Heaven’s Gate, the midprice family buffet near Fort Worth Meacham Airport, will start its breakfast buffet at 8 a.m. ($10.99) and switch to lunch and dinner around 11 a.m. ($14.99). Ol’ South Pancake House will also serve breakfast. For lunch, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle and Eddie V’s are among restaurants with space starting at 11 a.m. Thanksgiving Day.