New family-friendly brewery and restaurant builds a menu and beer around picnic theme

When Samantha Glenn and her three friends Collin Zreet, Jenni Hanley and John Koch still home brewed their own beer, they dreamed about opening a family-friendly place where people could savor craft beers without having to go to a bar.

They realized their dream with Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe, which opened in late June. It’s a restaurant and brewery with 15 taps of local craft beer and a concept built around picnic fare, like sandwiches, appetizers, desserts and salads. Glenn said it’s a comfortable, family-environment in a cafeteria setting.

Funky Picnic brews for a range of tastes, from lights and pilsners to stouts. A particular favorite has been the blueberry Belgian waffle triple that has a sweeter flavor, and the peanut butter stout.

The menu has also been designed to match well with the beers. Glenn said their head brewer Michael Harper and chef Josh Rangel have worked together to make sure the beer and food menus balance and pair well off each other.

The result has been a place where people can enjoy beer in a family-friendly environment.

“Moving into a space where you’re not going to a bar to get drunk, but instead going to enjoy quality craft beers like you would enjoy with wine,” Glenn said. “That’s really the space we wanted to create.”

Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe is located at 401 Bryan Ave. It’s open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday.

Carla Jimenez covers breaking business news and commercial retail development. Born and raised in Euless, she took a detour in the Midwest for a few years, but she’s back in the land of football, barbecue and Dr Pepper.