Add this gastropub to downtown Arlington’s growing dining scene

The new Tipsy Oak, 301 E. Front St., has a sprawling, shady lawn and patio.
The new Tipsy Oak, 301 E. Front St., has a sprawling, shady lawn and patio.

From the folks who brought us Pouring Glory in south Fort Worth comes The Tipsy Oak in downtown Arlington – a district that’s quickly becoming a hot dining destination thanks to the pedestrian-friendly Urban Union development.

Kevin von Ehrenfried says he and his wife Julia sold their majority ownership of Pouring Glory back in September to focus on building the contemporary gastropub from the ground up. They opened last weekend to big crowds, he says. “We have a full bar, a huge beer garden and a stage for periodic entertainment. It’s a fun, relaxed environment with an ice house-type feel.”

While Pouring Glory is known for its focus on craft beer, especially small batch offerings from around the country, The Tipsy Oak is not limiting its beer menu to craft only.

“We do have domestics and the corporate stuff with the stadium being nearby,” says von Ehrenfried. “We don’t want to give somebody a reason not to come.”

There are hints of influence from Pouring Glory in the dining menu, with items like beer-battered fish and chips and a Korean barbecue burger with gigantic slabs of fried bacon, but von Ehrenfried says more gluten-free and vegetarian options are on the way due to demand. Items range from sandwiches, burgers and tacos to soups, salads, and snacks like jumbo pretzels, fried pickle chips and brisket nachos.

Expect the bar and restaurant to be busy around Dallas Cowboys games this fall.

The Tipsy Oak

301 East Front Street, Arlington