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Casa's 'Neverland' reminds kids, adults that there's magic all around us

Casa Mañana’s “Neverland” runs through February 18.
Casa Mañana’s “Neverland” runs through February 18.

What it's about: Neverland is an imaginative, musical retelling of the Peter Pan story. Wendy Darling (Mary McElree) is not too thrilled with spending the weekend with her father in his messy flat. She doesn’t understand his eccentricity and is appalled by his living conditions, a far cry from her cushy life with her mom in their London home.

Mr. Darling (Ricco Fajardo) tries his best to make an uncomfortable situation comfortable. He seeks to spur the 13-year-old’s imagination by reminding her how much she loved the story of Peter Pan. Unfortunately, just as the father and daughter start to make a connection, Mr. Darling has a crisis at work: One of the boys at the Neverland Center has gone missing. Mr. Darling was supposed to transfer the boy, Peter (Zak Reynolds), to his new family in the morning, the same day the Neverland Center will be demolished.

It is Peter who shows Wendy that there is magic all around us if we are just willing to look hard enough.

What kids will like: The musical numbers will draw children into the story, which requires the audience to use their imaginations. Because kids have an affinity to role play and make-believe, they won’t have difficulty in following the actions of Wendy and Peter as they encounter Captain Hook.

What parents will like: The father-and-daughter relationship evolves so sweetly in this play. Adults will relate to the difficulties of dealing with children when parents are divorced. The subject matter was on the edge of being dark and possibly too mature for younger audiences.

Good to know: After the play, children can get their programs signed by the actors.

Recommended for: 7 years old and older.

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When: Through Feb. 18

Where: Casa Mañana Theatre, 3101 W. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth

Cost: $17-$35

Info: 817-332-2272,