Courtney Kerr no longer ‘Uncorked’ at KVIL

Just a couple of months ago, ran a feature story about Leigh Ann and Courtney Kerr Uncorked, the afternoon show on KVIL/103.7 FM. One of the things that attracted us to this story was that the show was, as far as we could tell, one of the only — if not the only — radio shows in the country hosted by two women.

Now it’s hosted by one.

Judging from posts on the station’s Facebook page, Courtney Kerr has been gone from the show since at least June 14. Lori Conrad, director of communications for CBS’ DFW radio and TV stations, confirms that Kerr is no longer with the station but had no additional comment beyond “we wish her well.”

Leigh Ann Adam continues doing the show as a (mostly) solo act, billed as Leigh Ann Uncorked on Facebook, although the station’s website lists her as simply “Leigh Ann Adam Afternoons” (Kerr still appears in some photos and video on the Uncorked Facebook page).

We’re trying to reach Kerr for comment. On her Facebook page, where she promotes her Kerrently lifestyle site, she makes no mention of the KVIL exit, and if there’s anything about it on her website, it’s pretty hard to find.

But Kerr is nothing if not resilient. A Fort Worth native, she earned some national attention when she was included in the cast of Most Eligible Dallas, a Bravo reality show that aired in 2011. Kerr was then featured in her own spinoff, Courtney Loves Dallas, which aired on Bravo more than a year after Most Eligible, but was poorly promoted and landed in December, traditional not a big month for TV viewership.

While Kerr was filming Courtney Loves Dallas, an opportunity came up for her to co-host The Broadcast, a View-esque local show that aired on KTXD/Channel 47 from 2013 to 2015.

KVIL program director Jay Michaels had worked with Kerr when she appeared at some events for his previous station, KDMX/102.9 FM. When he moved to KVIL in March 2014, he began looking for ways to skew the long-running adult-contemporary station toward a younger audience. Michaels has a track record of bringing reality TV to radio: When he was at 102.9, he had Khloe Kardashian host a midday show when she was living in Dallas during her husband Lamar Odom’s brief time as a Dallas Maverick. He recently hired Fort Worth-bred Amazing Race star Tanner Kloven to do middays at KVIL.

At KVIL, he thought a similar idea would work with Kerr and brought her in to co-host the noontime Courtney Kerr’s Lunchtime Takeover with Adam, then the midday host. That was in June 2014; by July, it was announced she was leavingThe Broadcast. The noon hour was such a success that he considered making the Adam-Kerr team the morning show, but then though their pop-culture, wine-drinking antics might be a little too much for mornings and placed them in the afternoon slot in November 2014.

In interviews for our April story, Kerr and Adam’s chemistry was evident; they both said they clicked right immediately when they were paired together.

If Kerr is resilient, Adam is a survivor — there has been so much turnover at KVIL that it’s hard to keep count of the revolving door anymore, but she’s been there more than 10 years, and she’s the only on-air personality remaining from when she began this gig at the station in 2005. During that time, Gene and Julie Gates, morning show hosts from 2005 to early 2013, were shown the door; longtime DFW radio personality Tony Zazza moved to mornings and then gained a co-host, Julie Fisk, but they were let go in November 2014.

Mike Kannon has been doing mornings at KVIL since March 2015; in April of this year, he was joined by Sybil Summers, previously the midday host. The Gateses are currently on WRAL in Raleigh, N.C.; Zazza is on WAOA, aka WA1A, in Melbourne, Fla. Fisk is a DFW movie critic, entertainment reporter and lifestyle blogger who writes the Julie Says So blog and occasionally appears on WFAA/Channel 8’s Good Morning Texas.