Mike Castellucci leaving WFAA — again

Mike Castellucci
Mike Castellucci

Mike Castellucci, who was done two terms at WFAA/Channel 8 including a recent spin as Good Morning Texas co-host, confirms that he is leaving the station, but he hopes to maintain a relationship with Channel 8.

“I’ve accepted [an] appointment to Michigan State University as professor of journalism,” Castellucci says via Facebook email. “I am hoping to continue to collaborate with WFAA and [parent company] TEGNA.”

The news was first reported by local-media blogger Ed Bark on his Uncle Barky’s Bytes blog.

Castellucci recently departed his gig at Good Morning Texas, rejoining WFAA’s news department around the same time that another co-host, Carrie McClure, departed the station. Jane McGarry and Alanna Sarabia, recently arrived from San Antonio, are now handling GMT co-host duties.

Castellucci says that the career change has nothing to do with his GMT departure. “That was my decision to leave GMT,” he says.

According to Ad Week’s TV Spy site, Castellucci credits Phoning it In, a show he shot completely on his iPhone, with the career change. The show earned him national and international attention.

“when I was asked to speak at MojoCon in Dubli, Ireland, last month, I literally couldn’t believe how many journalists knew me and my work,” he told TV Spy. “Professionals from Germany to India to South Africa said they’ve circulated the work and used me as a case study.”

Castellucci had done a previous gig at WFAA from 2003 to 2008, when he was known as the station’s “Why Guy.” He returned in 2013 after a stop in San Diego.