Fab or flub?: Will Londontown kur Instant Smudge Fix rectify messed-up mani?

Londontown kur Instant Smudge Fix
Londontown kur Instant Smudge Fix Londontown

With just 10 more days until Christmas, I decided on a gift-themed product review this week, looking at a new nail care product from the British brand Londontown. It seems a perfect idea for your sisters and gal pals.

Made to erase smudges, chips or dents, kur Instant Smudge Fix ($14, claims to take messed-up manis and pedis from damaged to flawless with just one stroke. The product is sold exclusively online and marketed as gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan (but not edible).

First impression

Like most nail care products, Londontown’s kur Instant Smudge Fix is not very exciting to look at. Clear in color, it resembles most any brand-name top coat you (or potential gift recipients) might already own. Overall, the product has a simplistic feel — right down to its easy-to-decipher instructions.

To fix a smudged nail, gently brush a thin layer of Instant Smudge Fix over the entire damaged nail (this will smooth the polish) and let it dry for 10 seconds. To finish, apply a layer of top coat. For minor dents and nicks, fill the damaged area with polish and let that dry for 10 seconds.

When you’re done, gently brush a thin layer of Instant Smudge Fix over the entire nail to smooth the polish. After the nail dries for another 10 seconds, finish with a top coat and you’re done.

Fab or flub?

Fab-ish. While Londontown’s kur Instant Smudge Fix won’t bring your mani back to complete perfection, it does come close. The product is easy to use and does an excellent job of saving users time and money by smoothing out ugly smudges and filling in dents and chips.

Did my nails look totally flawless after using the product? Not exactly. On close inspection, I could still see a little evidence of the giant dent in my nail polish, but it was slight — and I was impressed. I liked how my nails looked after using the product, and I love that it offers a quick solution for those needing to rescue a marred manicure.

If you have someone in your life who loves doing nail art or just has a thing for cool beauty products, I would definitely suggest this as a stocking stuffer or gift.