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When I start to type an address in the “To” box of Gmail, a drop-down list of old addresses appears. I cannot figure out how to delete the old addresses I no longer use.

You just need to delete them from All Contacts. To do that, click Contacts in the upper left. When the Contacts folder opens, under My Contacts, you will see All Contacts. Click to select an address that you want to remove, then click the Delete Contact button.


The sound system in my new car will allow me to plug in a USB drive and play songs. I have quite a few songs that I’ve taken from CDs on my computer. How large of a flash drive should I buy?

Assuming your songs are in MP3 format and each song is approximately three minutes in length, every 2GB has the capacity to hold approximately 500 songs. So a 4GB drive can hold 1,000 songs, a 32GB drive 8,000 songs and a 64GB drive a whopping 16,000 songs.

Converting all those tunes into listening time breaks down as follows: 500 songs, without allowing for time between songs, will play for 25 hours; 1,000 songs will play for 50 hours (more than two days of 24/7 tunes); 8,000 songs. 5  1/2 days; 16,000 songs, more than 11 24-hour days. Yikes.


My computer began displaying a security alert for all bank log-ins and various other sites. The message describes an invalid or expired certificate. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including scanning my computer for viruses and malware and everything comes up clean. Do you have any idea what’s going on or what I can do to resolve this problem?

The fact that it is displaying multiple expired certificates suggests that the date your computer is using is the culprit, so just make sure the date is accurate. If that is inaccurate or if you had the motherboard battery recently replaced, then you may be displaying the current date but in the year 1980, and that would trigger all those certificate expirations, as well.

So right-click the date display in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and you will see where you can adjust the date and time, if it is not accurate.

If you correct the date and time and it continues to lose time thereafter, then the culprit is usually a small watch-type battery that resides on the motherboard. Any reputable computer repair person or service can replace that for you at a nominal cost.

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