Ugly Christmas Sweaters use The Force

Even Batman wears ugly Christmas sweaters
Even Batman wears ugly Christmas sweaters

Two of the season’s biggest trendsetters have collided, spawning an entire galaxy of Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

There’s Yoda, R2-D2, even a “Merry Sithmas” sweater.

There’s also a whole Facebook page devoted to the sweaters, some of which are pegged to the Dec. 18 release of The Force Awakens. But you’ll also find some with a distinct Empire Strikes Back theme: One bears the logo “Hoth Sweet Hoth” and features a red-nosed AT-AT (aka Imperial Walker).

But really, all you have to do is Google “Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater” to get a variety of merchandise: Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and Chewbacca in a Santa cap.

The website Merchoid and its 2015 Geek’s Guide to Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumpers goes beyond Star Wars, and brings all sorts of other superheros into the ugly sweater alliance: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, just to name a few. There’s also Super Mario Bros., and a Sony Playstation Console Christmas Sweater (suddenly we’re thinking “Joystick to the world”).

It’s not all science-fiction/comic/video-game-based. You can buy a Breaking Bad Christmas sweater or a Home Alone sweater. The Tipsy Elves website has a yellow snow sweater (eww), a Santa Unicorn sweater, and even Christmas leggings and Hanukkah sweaters. Big Lebowski fans can find a variety of “The Dude Abides” sweaters and there’s also a Walter (John Goodman), featuring his immortal Lebowski line: “I don’t roll on Shabbos.”

Naturally, there are A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Grinch and Peanuts-related Christmas sweaters. There are also Christmas sweaters that bear logos and, er, art that aren’t family-friendly.

And, yes, you can find political sweaters: Donald Trump sweaters, Hillary Clinton sweaters, Ted Cruz sweaters, Bernie Sanders sweaters. Once you start searching for ugly Christmas sweaters, you can really go down a rabbit hole.

Come to think of it, there are Alice in Wonderland-themed down-the-rabbit-hole Christmas sweaters, too.

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