Mr. Modem: Labels, extra accounts could be the Gmail ticket

Is there a way to organize my Gmail so I can quickly sort through it and tuck it away in the neat little labeled folders I have assigned for mail? My email is getting out of hand and I need to know the trick for making this work better.

Everybody organizes their mail differently, but here’s a link to Gmail’s recommendation for organizing mail that involves using labels:

While I don’t personally use Gmail’s labels, I do use a variety of Gmail addresses for different purposes. I have six or seven Gmail accounts and use each for a specific purpose, such as online shopping, business correspondence, one for mailing lists or subscriptions, one for certain publications that I write for, etc.

I also have one Gmail address that I use exclusively for things I want to save. Nobody else has that address, so I just forward anything I want to save to it, from any other address, so that information is together in one location.

I use very descriptive Subject lines, which makes finding anything easy as well.

So using Gmail’s suggestions and labels as a starting point, you will just need to figure out what’s going to work best for you, if you feel you need something more than labels alone. Many users simply use labels and that’s it.

I prefer multiple Gmail addresses for specific purposes and descriptive Subject lines, but what works for me may not work for somebody else, so it’s very much a personal decision.


Do you know of an email address or some way to send an opinion to President Obama? I’m 85 years young and have never sent anything to a president before, but I’m so fed up with what’s going on, I feel I should do so now.

A White House contact form is provided for that purpose, which you can fill out at The sitting president’s official email address is, so you might want to send your message to both. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a personal response, however.


My son said he was “Facebook fired” from his job, but I have no idea what that means and am hoping you can fill me in. It doesn’t sound good.

To be “Facebook fired” can mean one of two things, depending on the circumstances: The first meaning is to have one’s employment terminated because of a posting to a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., while on company time.

This is not uncommon today as many digital imbeciles waste their employer’s time engaging in social media nonsense. It alternatively can mean to be fired by a message posted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. by one’s employer. Ouch.

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