Hit the mark with these shooting-themed apps


Shooting games were some of the first arcade favorites. Check out the following apps to see the current batch of shoot-’em-ups — no ducks included.

Apple apps


Sniper Shooting — Best Sniper Shooter Game (Free) In Sniper Shooting, you play a vigilante who uses his shooting skills to take down the local mob boss. (Mobilewalla score: 97/100)


Clear Vision (17+) (99 cents)* In Clear Vision, you play a civilian who becomes a contract assassin. The money’s great, but now you must watch your back at all times. (Score: 96/100)


Dead Trigger (Free)* In this game you’ll kill zombies in a wide variety of ways, including shooting, hacking them to pieces and blowing them up. (Score: 96/100)


Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Free)* In this app you can create a squad or act as a solo shooter in a series of outrageously challenging combat missions. (Score: 92/100)


Police Sniper Prison Guard (Free)* You have one job: Prevent prisoners from escaping a prison with deadly force — shoot them before they can leave the grounds. (Score: 84/100)


Android apps


Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter (Free)* Over 2 million Android users rate this app with five stars. Join them and attempt precision shooting in chaotic, unpredictable situations. (Mobilewalla score: 95/100)


Sniper Shooter Free — Fun Game (Free)* This first-person shooter features a series of extreme missions where the gamer will solve puzzles and shoot bad guys. (Score: 94/100)


Range Shooter (Free) In this game, you will be led through a series of shooting simulations with a virtual instructor helping you advance to expert levels. (Score: 93/100)


Zombie Shooter (Free)* After the zombie apocalypse, join a team of zombie hunters killing the undead, and through upgrades, transform yourself into a cyborg. (Score: 92/100)


Kill Shot Bravo (Free)* This game features more than 500 top-secret missions where you play a Special Forces soldier hunting terrorist enemies. (Score: 91/100)


*Available on Apple and Android.

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