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Keep kitty safe with these household hints

Cats are curious by nature, so make keeping them safe at home a priority.
Cats are curious by nature, so make keeping them safe at home a priority. KRT

Dear Readers: Descendants from the wild, cats are jumpers and naturally curious. This can be a problem around the house. Here are some hints to make your home safer for your cat:

▪ Breakable knickknacks and antique treasures should be secured.

▪ Houseplants are tricky — they can be poisonous.

▪ Keep the lid down on the toilets.

▪ Lock up chemical cleaners and medicines that can be ingested.

▪ Unplug electrical cords and wrap them to prevent chewing.

▪ Close the clothes dryer to keep kitty out — it’s a warm space.

▪ Keep claws neatly trimmed.

Cats will always explore, but making their home turf safer is smart.



Dear Heloise: After surgery, my sheepskin slippers and one pair of special shoes were all my doctor would allow me to wear. In time, both were stinky.

I use a fragrant deodorant soap to shower, so I had several new, unopened bars. I placed a fresh bar in each slipper. Now my shoes have a lovely fragrance.

I thought others might be surprised, and this could reduce stinky footwear.

Naomi in Montana


Dear Heloise: If you’re like me, I first put on my makeup, then the top I’m wearing that day. I put my head in facing the back and then turn the top around, and put my arms in the sleeves.

No makeup on my top all day! I do the reverse to remove the garment.

Joy C., Ozark, Mo.


Dear Heloise: Several weeks after moving into a new apartment, I was stymied by what to hang on a long, narrow wall in the kitchen.

While in the hardware store, I noticed seed packets, with photos so beautiful that they seemed to be painted.

I bought eight of them, got small black frames and the wall looks spectacular!

Shannon B. in Dallas


Dear Heloise: On chilly mornings, I toss my sweatshirt in the clothes dryer for a few minutes. This helps me stay warm before I am warmed up. It works for hats, gloves and socks, too.

John K. in New York

Dear John: If you’ve got your furry friend with you, toss the dog’s sweater in, too, to keep him warm!



Dear Heloise: With flu season here, everyone using a gasoline-pump handle needs to consider: You’ve got over 100 hands with you. Clean your hands to avoid receiving unwanted germs.

Keep up your great articles!

Dan W., Costa Mesa, Calif.

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