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Oak Cliff Film Festival announces its 2015 lineup

A still from ‘Entertainment’
A still from ‘Entertainment’ Oak Cliff Film Festival

The Oak Cliff Film Festival has been a welcome addition to the DFW moviegoing schedule, slotting films that may not have shown in this area otherwise. That continues June 11-14 with the fifth edition that will showcase such movies as Rick Alverson’s Entertainment (starring John C. Reilly and Michael Cera), Sean Baker’s Tangerine (shot on iPhones), the documentary Made in Japan (about the first female Japanese country star), a selection of works by underground filmmaker Nick Zedd, and a performance from pioneering Seattle garage-rock band The Sonics.

The festival, also including workshops and parties, takes place at a variety of venues around Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood including the Texas Theatre, Bishop Arts Theatre Center, Jefferson Tower Rooftop, The Kessler Theater, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, The Wild Detectives bookstore/cafe, and El Sibil.

Badges are available for $175. Single ticket admission for most films is $10. For more information, go to

Here are some of the more notable films and events:

Entertainment: Alverson’s last film, The Comedy, was a hit at the festival two years ago and this one -- about a down-on-his-luck stand-up comedian playing shows in the Mojave desert -- promises to have a similar appeal. Tye Sheridan (the kid in Mud) also stars.

Unexpected: Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother, Avengers: Age of Ultron) stars in this drama about a teacher and student who find themselves in the same situation: both are pregnant.

Tangerine: Set in Los Angeles and filmed largely on iPhones, this indie comedy-drama about a prostitute looking for her pimp has earned comparisons from festival organizers to Spring Breakers and Tarnation. Not bad company.

Made in Japan: This biography of singer Tomi Fujiyama, her country’s most successful female country singer, has been a hit on the festival circuit.

The Sinema of Nick Zedd: The work of ‘80s filmmaker Zedd has been influential with both John Waters and Jim Jarmusch being big fans. This is a collection of his short films.

The Bad Boy of Bowling: Pete Weber is bringing a punk-rock attitude to the world of pro bowling -- and sparking controversy in the process, which is the subject of this documentary.

Calls to Okies -- The Park Grubbs Story: The Jerky Boys may be the best known of the ‘80s phone pranksters but an Oklahoma group, Park Grubbs, began to generate regional following around the same time, including among members of the Flaming Lips. Now, they’re the subject of this doc.

Hard to Be a God: This one sounds especially intriguing. Russian filmmaker Alexsei German’s black-and-white, 177-minute, science-fiction epic is set on a planet where human development is in the medieval phase and a group of visiting scientists from Earth are forbidden to interfere. But should they try and save the local intellectuals from annihilation? Sounds like Star Trek’s Prime Directive meets Russian angst. To add even more intrigue, German died during filming and the movie was completed by his wife and son.

The Sonics: The performance by the band takes June 13 at the Texas Theatre with the Mind Spiders. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 day of the show.